Ingredient Plus is a young, vibrant and ambitious company with a unique culture and a proven commitment to sustainable and ethical working practices. We require highly skilled staff who bring extensive added value to our suppliers and customers. Our aim is to maintain the highest reputation as a leading distributor of specialty ingredients in the region.

We have a family approach and trusted culture. Relationships are about building foundations with our customers, principals, employees, community and stakeholders. We really believe that wonderful things happen through strong collaboration.

As the world of employment changes and work practices shift, we provide opportunities and encourage our employees to learn new skills. Today, the work place is as fast paced as ever and Ingredients Plus appreciates the importance of investing in people to keep at the forefront.

Ingredients Plus prizes creative and innovative thinking. Ideas are generated and applied through working closely with our customers and principals to exceed their needs and expectations. As a fast growing business in the Asia-Pacific region, we require employees from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of skills and qualifications

If you have an interest to join Ingredients Plus, please connect with us to learn about any upcoming opportunities